The GM Card Earnings Program Rules

The GM Card Earnings Program Rules ("Program Rules") apply to the GM Card, the GM Card Gold Card and the GM Card World Card. On the following pages, these products will be referred to as the GM Card (the "Card" or "Account"), unless otherwise stated.

Program Overview
As a holder of the GM Card (“Cardmember“), you are automatically enrolled in The GM Card Earnings Program (“Earnings Program“) under the same name or names registered on the GM Card Account. Participation in this Earnings Program gives you the opportunity to enjoy the benefits of the GM Card, including GM Card Earnings which can be used toward the retail purchase or lease of an eligible, new vehicle (see “6. Earnings Redemption“). The GM Card Earnings Program currently provides Earnings at a rate of 5% of your net purchases (purchases minus any credits or returns) up to $500.00 in Earnings per Account Year (see “2. Earnings Accumulation“ for details). From time to time, GM may offer special promotions/offers exclusively to select Cardmembers. Your GM Card activity is recorded on a monthly billing statement. Each statement contains a “GM Card Earnings Summary,“ which reflects your total accumulation of Earnings up to the close of that billing cycle.

For your convenience, General Motors maintains a Redemption Center to answer questions about your GM Card Earnings. Redemption Center representatives will assist you in redeeming your GM Card Earnings. To contact the GM Card Redemption Center, simply call 1-800-947-1000, prompt 4.

If you are a GM Line of Credit Account holder, please see your GM Line of Credit Earnings Program Rules (also referred to as GM Line of Credit Program Rules) for details.

GM is responsible for operation and administration of The GM Card Earnings Program. Capital One® is the issuer of the GM Card and is responsible for operation and administration of Cardmember credit matters and maintains its own Customer Center to answer credit-related questions.

  1. Participation
    The GM Card Earnings Program and its benefits are offered at the sole discretion of General Motors (“GM“). To participate, you must be:

    • A GM Cardmember in good standing with Capital One
    • An individual — corporations, partnerships and other entities may not participate
    • A resident of the 50 United States or the District of Columbia

    Enrollment in the Program occurs automatically upon issuance of your GM Card, under the same name or names as on your GM Card Account. GM reserves the right to disqualify any person from the Earnings Program if, in GM’s sole judgment, that person or another person named on the Account has violated any of these Earnings Program Rules. Disqualification may result in termination of an individual’s participation, termination of the participation of others named on the Account and loss of any accumulated Earnings.

  2. Earnings Accumulation
    Your Account Year begins on the first day of the month in which your GM Card is initially opened and restarts each year on that date. This date marks the beginning of each Account Year in which you may accumulate Earnings. GM Cardmembers receive Earnings at a rate of 5% up to $500.00 in Earnings per Account Year on eligible purchases. The $500.00 cap applies to Earnings under special GM Card promotions as well as any additional opportunities to receive GM Card Earnings offered from time to time by the GM Card, unless otherwise noted. Your Earnings are non-negotiable and cannot be redeemed in whole or in part for cash or applied to the balance of your GM Card Account.

  3. Earnings Duration
    Unless used or terminated under these Program Rules, Earnings are valid for seven years from the end of the billing cycle in which they were earned. Expiration after seven years will occur month-by-month. New Earnings accumulated will replace the expired Earnings, so seven full years of Earnings are maintained.

    If GM terminates the GM Card Earnings Program, you will have 365 days from the date the Program termination is announced to redeem accumulated Earnings.

    Earnings Duration Upon Account Closure
    If your GM Card Account is closed by Capital One because it is not in good standing, any unused Earnings will be forfeited and will not be available for redemption (see 7. “Good Standing“).

    If you close your GM Card Account or if Capital One closes your Account due to inactivity, all of your accumulated Earnings must be redeemed within 90 days thereafter (the “Redemption Grace Period“). Earnings not redeemed within the Redemption Grace Period will be forfeited.

  4. Eligible Purchases
    Your GM Card purchases are eligible for Earnings if they are made for your personal, family or household use. You may make eligible purchases anywhere your card is accepted. Purchases that are returned or are credited to your GM Card Account will be deducted from your Earnings calculation. Earnings accumulated through purchases for business or commercial use are subject to forfeiture.

    Other ineligible transactions include:

    • Cash advances and balance transfers
    • Convenience checks, balance transfer checks or any other account access checks
    • Automated Teller Machine (ATM) withdrawals
    • Finance charges, fees and certain other non-product/service transactions
    • Money orders, traveler’s checks, postage stamps, savings bonds, gambling transactions, casino betting chips, lottery tickets and other cash-like transactions
  5. Statements
    GM will keep track of your Earnings for you, and your total Earnings will be reported in each periodic billing statement. Earnings from purchases will be reported to your GM Card Account at the time the purchase is posted by Capital One to your GM Card Account.

    Each billing period, you will receive a credit card billing statement from Capital One for your GM Card activity. A summary of your accumulated Earnings is included in this statement. If there is no activity on your GM Card Account, you will not receive a monthly billing statement and you may not receive information concerning your Earnings. If you have questions about your Earnings, call 1-800-947-1000. Or you may write to GM Card, P.O. Box 090770, Milwaukee, WI 53209. All Earnings Program discrepancies must be brought to GM’s attention within 90 days from the date of transaction for which adjustment is sought. Generally, information about a particular GM Card Account will be provided only to persons named on that Account. GM will handle any Earnings Program discrepancy for which an adjustment is being sought. Capital One will handle questions about your GM Card Account balance and other credit matters. Both can be reached by calling 1-800-947-1000.

  6. Earnings Redemption
    GM Card Earnings are eligible for redemption in the amount posted on your latest GM Card billing statement, subject to correction for returns, credits and vehicle purchases. Your oldest Eligible Earnings are redeemed first. To redeem your Earnings toward the retail purchase or lease of an eligible, new GM vehicle, simply:

    • Visit the authorized Chevrolet, Buick, GMC or Cadillac dealership of your choice.
    • Choose an eligible, new vehicle and agree upon your best price
    • Identify yourself as a GM Cardmember and let the dealer representative know you would like to redeem your Earnings
    • The dealer will verify requested Cardmember identification information to confirm your total amount of Earnings and will process your vehicle authorization number

    During your transaction, certain vehicle sale information will be required, and an authorization number will be issued to complete the transaction. Your Earnings will be applied to the purchase or lease price of your new GM vehicle at the time of vehicle purchase, and the amount will be deducted from your current Earnings balance. You will receive confirmation of redemption in a future GM Card billing statement from Capital One or in a separate communication.

  7. Good Standing
    You may not redeem your Earnings if your GM Card Account is in default under the most current terms and conditions of The GM Cardmember Agreement and Disclosure Statement provided by Capital One or if you take any action inconsistent with these Program Rules. This includes any amendments that may have been made to the terms and conditions or Program Rules after your GM Card was issued.

  8. Eligible, New GM Vehicles
    Earnings may be applied toward the retail purchase or lease of any eligible, new GM vehicle delivered from an authorized GM Dealer in the 50 United States or the District of Columbia.

    Eligible vehicles include models from the following divisions:

    Chevrolet · Buick · GMC · Cadillac

    Eligible vehicles must be from the current vehicle model year, the previous two model years or the next model year. Earnings may not be applied to GM Certified Used Vehicles, GM company-owned Employee Discount Program vehicles, vehicles sold through the GM Employee Discount Program, vehicles sold through the GM Dealership Employee Purchase Programs, vehicles sold through the GM Supplier Purchase Programs, any vehicle sold as a fleet vehicle, any vehicle sold or obtained at an auction or any vehicle sold through a special event or titled to a business. Other vehicles may also be considered ineligible. See your authorized GM Dealer for eligibility. If you are eligible for the GM Employee Discount Program and want to continue using your Earnings, you can do so by changing to the GM Extended Family Card. For more information, please call 1-800-947-1000, prompt 4.

  9. Earnings Combination
    When redeeming Earnings toward the retail purchase or lease of an eligible, new GM vehicle, you may use Earnings from only one GM Card Earnings Program Account for each vehicle. No combining or pooling is allowed. Any person whose name is included on The GM Card Earnings Program Account, or an authorized user, may redeem toward the retail purchase or lease of an eligible, new GM vehicle. GM is not responsible, and bears no liability, for disagreements between participants concerning use of GM Card Earnings accumulated in an Earnings Program Account. GM Card Earnings are not transferable between financial institutions. GM Card Earnings cannot be combined with Earnings from any other GM Card product including the BuyPower Business Card.

  10. Earnings Transfer to Other Parties
    As the primary GM Cardmember, you may transfer your Earnings to the following immediate family members for purchase or lease of an eligible, new GM vehicle: parents, spouse or domestic partner, siblings, or children. However, the family member or domestic partner must reside at your address and must not have, at the time of transfer, a GM Card product that provides “Earnings“ for use toward the purchase or lease of an eligible, new GM vehicle. You may be required to provide proof of relationship. In order to transfer your Earnings to an immediate family member or domestic partner, you must call the GM Card Redemption Center to authorize the transfer and provide the required information. Earnings are not the property of the participant in The Earnings Program. Earnings may not be brokered, bartered or sold, and may not be transferred as part of a domestic relations matter.

  11. Tax Liability
    As the GM Cardmember, you are solely responsible for the determination of income or other tax liability related to participation in this Earnings Program. GM, Capital One and their respective affiliates, subsidiaries, divisions, officers, directors, employees and agents do not make any representations as to Earnings Program participants’ current or future tax consequences as a result of crediting, transfer, use, redemption, termination or disposition of Earnings.

  12. Change of Address
    If you wish to make a billing or permanent address change, you may call Capital One at 1-888-763-5655. Or you may submit the change in writing to: Capital One Care Center, P.O. Box 30256, Salt Lake City, UT 84130-0256. You must include your GM Card Account Number and your signature. Name changes must be submitted in writing to the address above and must include your Account Number, your signature and a clear copy of supporting legal documentation, such as a marriage certificate.

  13. Other Important Information
    Audits: GM reserves the right to audit The GM Card Earnings Program Accounts for compliance with these rules. In the event the audit reveals discrepancies, the processing of GM Card Earnings may be delayed until such discrepancies are resolved.

    Changes: GM may, from time to time, change the Earnings Program Rules, restrictions or benefits, in whole or in part, with or without notice to you.

    Termination: The GM Card Earnings Program has no predetermined termination date. GM may terminate the Earnings Program or portions thereof at any time, with or without notice to you. In that event, participants will have 365 days from the date the Earnings Program termination is announced to redeem their accumulated Earnings.

    Some of the content within the Program Rules may have changed or expired since the time of printing.